My name is Stephen Fleming, and I’m an IT professional with over 20 years industry experience.  During my career I have worked in the healthcare consultancy, online insurance and legal sectors.

My approach has always been that technology should be transparent:

  • there shouldn’t be any mystery or “smoke and mirrors” about IT.  It’s true that many non-IT people find technology and the associated jargon confusing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be open with them about how things work
  • keep things simple – I take time to explain technical concepts in plain English, and I always find if you can use a real-world analogy to help explain things this helps as well
  • transparent technology – I really believe that when technology is working for a business it becomes transparent in that it works so well that people don’t realise they are using it.
  • communicate – so many IT people conform to the stereotypeical image of a shy but clever “nerd” who can’t engage with other people.  For technology to successfully become embedded into a business it is vital to talk with the rest of the business, to understand the goals, processes and challenges that need to be faced.

Examples of assignments include:

  • development and delivery of a knowledge transfer framework to a leading international law firm as part of a firm-wide project to relocate back office services to a lower cost location
  • providing executive level support to the IT Director of a successful Leeds-based law firm during a period of growth and transition for the business
  • advising an Australian law firm on the technological challenges around establishing an office in the UK
  • advising several Yorkshire based law practices on making best use of their existing IT systems

If you need help with making your use of technology more transparent, then please get in touch.

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